While I started this blog with the idea of making the science I know much more available to the public. I might veer into other themes in science and education. I might veer even farther into whichever idea crosses my mind when not in the mood to talk about science. So, be prepared to also read something about literature, Mexican Food, cultural stuff, and more. Sometimes you will find all of that mixed and misplaced for no apparent reason, or for the very reason that we are all human beings. What is a human being without all of these idiosyncrasies?

Anyway, mostly science, mostly particulars in molecular biology, mostly about genomics. Then whatever my experience happens to be, even soliloquies wondering about what might have happen with some area of research. Perhaps I want to pour down my experiences and my thinking into this blog so that somebody, somewhere, gets inspired to study science. But reading just out of curiosity, for the sake of knowing, for the sake of understanding something new, that is the ultimate in hedonism. So, just enjoy.


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