I just learned that the new version of the BLAST-like alignment tool, blat 35, was released last november. So, of course, I immediately downloaded and tried to compile it. Followed instructions verbatim, but it complained that it could not find “png.h”. Since I knew I had the png libraries installed through fink, I checked and figured that the library is at /sw/include. But how to tell this blat thing? The makefile at the base did not have library instructions, so I followed until I found that the file to be modified was in the “inc” directory, and its name is “common.mk”. Here’s what you should do: find the line that starts with “HG_INC” and add “-I/sw/include” (I also changed the “-O” option to “-O3”, since I saw it up there, but this is not necessary to solve the compilation problem). Go back to the base source directory and type make. It will compile now. Have fun!



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