Yes, compiling  again.

This story is a little different. I was kind of surprised that EMBOSS latest version continued to be 6.4.0 as per their web page. For some reason, I went to the ftp site anyway, instead of clicking at the direct link to the “latest” version. Guess what I found? You’ve got it, the latest version is 6.5.7. So I downloaded this newer version, and then tried to compile it in my mac. After the “make”, I typed “make install” et voilà, it gave me an error about a “bin/.libs” directory not existing. When I tried to run a program, same error. Hum, anyway, I searched through the web, and found some tutorial about “libtool” and “.libs” directory that then asked to try and run configure with “–disable-shared”, I checked EMBOSS “configure” by typing “./configure –help|grep shared” and it did not offer disable-shared, but offered “enable-shared”, whose default was “yes”. I thus typed:

% ./configure --enable-shared=no --prefix=/usr/local/biotools

(I have a /usr/local/biotools directory, yes.)

Then “make” and “make install”, and santo remedio. It works! No more “.libs” crap.


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