The hairy beast himself

The hairy beast himself

I have presumed often that a great advantage of working with computers is that you can do your work from anywhere. As a computational biologist, this has given me the opportunity for working from home and still be programming the solution to one or another problem. Downloading databases, and such, while, for instance, putting my then baby daughter to sleep.

The problem of being able to work from anywhere is that you actually can end up doing it. This means, you start working from anywhere all-the-time. This is me in a nutshell. Anyway, somewhere I read that it is healthy, and necessary, to take pauses every some period. Often the period referred to is about an hour. Well, I was not taking these pauses anyway. Work, work, work (interesting work, by the way).

So, once upon a time, my daughter was insisting on getting a dog. My wife would say no, but a dog won my wife’s heart, and here we are. We have a dog. It has been, I think, about a year since. The thing is, dogs are marvellous. In my case, this little hairy beast keeps interrupting me while I work, sometimes after one hour, sometimes after two, not very precise, but he interrupts me. Sometimes demanding that he “has” to go outside (wink, wink–forget “wink,” he wants to let go a piece of shit). Other times he is just bored and wants to play. He is quite insistent, and I finally comply. The end result? I go out to the garden much more often, which is a good thing. I can have some things done out there, like, now that Fall is here, sweeping the leaves, or just enjoy the view (I love the leaves right there where they land, so I don’t sweep them that often, unless they got ugly already). In fewer words, I take my pauses, I relax, I enjoy.

Do you want to make sure you get your pauses? There you have one suggestion. Get a dog.




2 thoughts on “The Dog Pause

  1. You are totally right Gabo! We all need pauses in our work! In my case my ¨dog¨ or dogs, are my two kids ( almost 8 and 5 years ald), they don´t let me work too much and demand from me time to play outside, at least every monday and wednesday, the two days I take care of them in the afternoon, (because my wife also requieres time for her PhD). So, though my kids are asking for one, I don´t think I need a dog! mmmh…maybe they do, in that case, they won´t need me because they will play with it…on the other hand, I could work more!!
    No… I don´t think I want to work more… I prefer to play with my two little ¨dogs¨!!!!
    What do you think Gabo?
    Un abrazo

  2. Ese Gustavo,

    Yup, I also had my pauses while playing with my kids. Though we mostly danced and sang. Well, we also got to some exercising, like playing, running, et cetera. Also, those were loooooooong pauses, rather than the shorter ones that the hairy beast asks for (most of the time, sometimes we have to play a bit longer). But now they are grown up, so the frequent interruptions come from the dog. Right now the hairy beast is sleeping. I feel tired too, so I am heading to sleep too.

    ¡Que la fuerza te acompane!

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